Teak Folding Chair is a chair that can be folded when not in use. Teak folding chair is made from thin wood or thin components so it can only be produced from teak wood because it has a stable nature of wood when it dries which creates  a folding chair remains strong despite the weighing of the sitter is more than 100 kg . Folding chair made of teak wood is a very popular product. Its seat and back are wood slatted. Cushion with high density of foam and good cover make this folding chair very comfortable paired with table. CV.Babah&Co., the teak wood furniture manufacturer, has folding chair product with grade A and color treatment. Assembling system between the components  is designed specially , reinforced with glue and pins  make this teak folding chair more comfortable to sit on. The dimension of teak folding chair is 47 cm width 55 cm depth and 89 cm in height.

Just same as teak folding chair there are two other types of folding chairs with a different design. They are teak folding chair hanton  and teak folding chair oval. Teak Folding chair hanton is more populer with the  name folding hanton These two folding chairs  have a construction and components that are slightly different from the usual folding chair.

Teak folding chair hanton is a kind of folding chair but it is designed more beautiful and elegant. Slat of the wood are horisontal which make this chair is strong. Folding chair oval is a kind of folding chair classic. It is also made of teak. Combined with cushion make this chair suitable to set in the beach with umbrella.Teak folding chair has  thin components as its typical to show the beauty of a folding chair while the teak folding hanton and teak folding chair oval has a beautiful design. But basically all of  them are very comfortable to be occupied. To complete the function and usefulness of these folding chairs, they are also designed in the model of folding chair with arms. So when they are on the set with a table either teak extendable table or teak folding table is really suitable and convenient used outside.

Do you ever think that teak  folding chair is the best chair to be set with any kinds of table? so please do not worry to order this chairs. CV.Babah&Co as teak wood furniture manufacturer will provide the best quality products with reasonable prices.



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