Teak steamer deckchair and teak dorset 5 positions chair are two kinds of seats which can be folded. Basically they have the same features of constructions that are supported by the brass. The components joining merely depend on the brass that is used, so that the strength of this type of seats is situated on the strength of brass, therefore, the brass must be solid. Reclining seat 5 positions is another name of dorset, it is derived from the brass that is used because it has 5 tilt positions. People also often refer to dorset with relax chair.

In contrast to dorset , deck chair is   often called as   steamer . Perhaps it is because of this chair is used for people to expose oneself to the sun to get the body warm. Wood used to produce these types of chairs are teak. Teak has its own characteristics that is different from other wood to produce furniture. Teak wood with smooth sanded   or   teak oil finish would look beautiful with combination of   a solid and goldish brass . A relatively thick wood components also make this chair strong so it will be convenient for those who occupy.

Teak Steamer Deckchair and dorset 5 positions chair are two names pointed to one thing. All dedicated to chair with reclining seat. Produced by using solid teak wood and supported by solid brass make these chairs are very comfortable to sit down.

Both chairs are basically designed for relaxing but in response to today's changing environments they are used for various activities such as socializing, watching television, reading, writing, eating etc.

The dimension of dorset is 60 cm width, 60 cm depth and 107 cm in height. It is different from its packing size, that is 1.25 m width, 0.57 m depth and 0.13 cm in height. It means that the cube volume per piece is 0.09 m3 and if a container 40 ft has 60 m3 so the quantity of dorset in one container 40 feet is about 630 pcs.

The dimension of steamer deckchair is 60 cm width, 162 cm depth and 90 cm in height. Its packing size is 1.40 m width, 0.60 m depth and 0.18 m in height and it results 0.15 m3 per piece of steamer deckchair. So the total quantity for one container 40 feet is about 390 pieces.

Completed with cushion make these chairs very comfortable.

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