Sun Umbrella with teak wood frame

Sun Umbrella is an umbrella that is usually   used on the beach or in the park  made from teak wood as its frame and combined with canvas . Sun Umbrella is usually set with table and chairs . Tables commonly used are extension table , folding table, fixed table and the chairs usually set with umbrella are folding chairs , garden chairs with or without arm and reclining chairs . Sun umbrella can also be used without having to have these tables but by using foot base only . In this case, sun umbrella used on the beach set with the sun Lounger and   low table small.

describing the dimension details of sun umbrella, size of its pole, trellis and brass Basically,   a wooden sun umbrella is the one which is made from strong and dry wood. Therefore, teak is the most appropriate choice of wood to product. The nature of teak wood which is stable and dry while containing oil makes this wood is not easily broken.

And now we are talking about the construction of sun umbrella. It consists of eight pieces of long trellis,   eight pieces of wood as buffer trellis and one piece of wood as a main support or pole. The   trellis are assembled using brass to be functioned with the main wood. And to make sun umbrella widen, it is   equipped with pulley and ropes with whom it can be drawn easily and tied it to the main support.

Each long trellis has 150 cm long, 2.2 cm thick and 2.5 cm in widht. While the sizes of the buffer trellis is 58 cm long, 2.2 cm thick and 2.8 cm in widht. The diameter of main wood as a pole is 4.9 cm and 250 cm long.

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