Our sunbed is made from teak wood grade A. It's one of CV.Babah&Co.'s main product as teak wood furniture manufacturer in Jepara IndonesiaAs teak wood furniture manufacturer from jepara , one of our main products is teak sunbed lounger. Talking about teak sunbed lounger, it can’t  be separated from the three words of sun, bed and lounge. Sometimes people name  sunbed lounger as sunbed or lounger only. What make interesting from the name of sunbed lounger as one of our outdoor furniture  product is its name involved  in accordance with its function. Let us consider one by one; word ‘sun’ – we know that the function of this product is to bask under the sun and word ‘bed’ - this product is designed to serve as a bed where people can be relax and laying down to look around the beach or just reading. While the last word ‘lounger’ is obviously related to the people activity in a relaxed atmosphere. From the combined three words indicate that this product is intended solely for the purpose of relaxing, feeling comfort for sitters.

Apart from what’s the meaning of sunbed lounger, our furniture product  is the onesTeak sunbed with tray is also one of main products manufactured by CV.BABAH&CO. teak wood manufacturer in Jepara Indonesia which manufactured from teak wood  that offers a high quality of solid teak grade A so that people who are sitting on or lying down will feel comfortable without worrying about broken or damaged. We also design our sunbed with vertical slat so that the comfort and strength of our sunbed is to be our guarantee. Available teak sunbed with or without a tray, with or without wheels but all of them have  high quality and strong construction. The most important thing is we also provide sunbed with a knock down system to maximize the loadability into container.

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