Extendable Table

Teak Extendable table is made from teak wood with grade A quality. We have teak oval extendable table, teak rectangular and round extendable tables. Those are supported with solid brass to make the construction stronger and still look beautiful.








                                         Fixed Table

Teak round and teak square tables are very famous model and marketable table. Their joinery constructions are built with knocdown system in order to maximize the loadability in container. Joinery with tenon makes these tables precisely fixed.

Teak square table (90x90x75 cm) and rectangular table (150x90x75 cm) made from premium teak wood, supersanded only, knockdown system


















                                     Folding Table

Teak round and octagonal folding table (120x120x75 cm) are made from teak wood. Teak wood is from teak land in Jepara, central java, Indonesia