Fill the contact form or send email through our email address directly and you will get our price list with photos within 24 hours. The price list is also completed with dimension of each item, cube in meter to decide the volume total of one container. In order to make it more efficient, you can choose the items as the photos and codes shown depend on what you want. Buyers’ design is also accepted with terms and conditions applied.


The ideal minimum order we accept is one container 20’ with conditions as follow :

*  50% down payment paid in advanced by T/T
*  The balance could be covered either by T/T or LC
*  The production will start as the down payment received
*  One week after loading the container, the original shipping documents will be sent by fax
*  After the balance payment received, all original documents will be  sent
*  Payment by L/C

Payment by L/C should covered the balance of payment after the down payment. L/C should meet the following criteria in order to avoid costly amendments later :

Ø  Irrevocable

Ø  Payable at sight

Ø  Confirmed by the advising bank

Ø  Issued from an internationally recognized bank

Ø  Latest shipment date:
For 20" container, 8 weeks after the date of issue.
For 40' container, 10 weeks.

Ø  Credit valid for 3 months.

Ø  Expiry place is Indonesia

Ø  Partial shipment allowed

Ø  Transhipment allowed

Ø  Bill of Lading consigned to the order of issuing bank

Ø  Fees and banking charges are for the applicant's account

Ø  Negotiating bank is the same as advising bank

Ø  Documents to be presented: Bill of Lading, Certificate of Origin, Certificate of Fumigation, Commercial Invoice, Packing List.

Ø  Credit amount tolerance: +/- 15%

Ø  L/C shoud be advised through our bank

PT. Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk.
Jepara Branch



Less than one container load or LCL order is also acceptable, then the shipment will be shared with another shippers and the cost is on buyer’s account. The payment is 100% paid in advanced.


Upon the order confirmation of the buyer and to ensure our quality, we can provide a free sample but shipment cost will be on buyer’s account.

We don't provide free sample for order planning.


  • Claims are allowed up to 1 (one) month from the date of arrival at the port of destination.
  • Delay in claim submission will be reviewed on case by case basis.
  • The purchase guarantee applies to claims against our product shipped to you with the following conditions :

a. Wood failure resulting in the inability of the goods to be used, even after competent repair.
b. Wood joints and/or connections are broken.
c. Non wood hardware is missing or broken.
d. Non wood hardware is rusty.

  • All claims will be substantiated by photographs or digital images clearly showing the claim filed as per our purchasing guarantee. Verbal explanations need to accompany the submitted images for clarification. Photos or images may be sent by post or by email.
  • Claims for problems are failure of non wood components to be substantiated by photographs or images in same manner as for wood claims.
  • All claims will be processed within on week of receipt with a decision on claim given within 10 days of receipt. Any claim may be rejected if :


a. The claim is not connected to purchasing & shipment data.
b. The claim is late as per item 1 and 2 above.
c. No photograph and / or digital image is supplied.
d. No explanatory data is provided with the image to clearly
   explain the problem.

Our guarantee is for replacement of goods or cash credit against future orders and does not include any other cost such as freight, re stocking or other charges.